Why Our Services ?

Ever wondered on a rain day that when you look around you can almost see the digital maze of claws and data flowing around you ? The offline and online world are not separated anymore, the hardware bridges to remove the boundaries are already deployed and are evolving fast. We will keep countering and deploying solutions to at least make a difference somewhere and maybe even inspire others to join. Starting from the first moment you visit our website which has no calls to thirdparty scripts, data harvesting code or anything which is exactly against what we offer.

There was a time when people could find a private corner to enjoy their personal life or focus on their business. That time is gone and without a major change in awareness to do something about it on a worldwide scale we might see that the new generation is growing up not knowing better. That privacy is something to frown upon or to profile people who dare to mention it. Now it seems to some people and businesses suspicious if someone does not have an extended "social" presence in the new world. We know from real cases that appointments, interviews get cancelled because of this. Now look around you and see what is happening with all that data, it is not anymore to provide a service. Remember, "Big Data Wants More Data", it is now a tool to wage a subtle war on a massive scale for power, greed and dividing people.

The following should not be burried in an article or some forum post. One major channel of how alot of the data is gathered is simply selling people one or more of the following 3 sweet poisons:

“comfort”; it makes life so much easier and less to worry about. Think of all the free apps offered or sometimes even forcing people to use such app for a service. Or go crazy with smart appliances …

“security”; don’t you want to feel safe and protect your loved ones ? Grab all that smart hardware and free apps included to protect your business or home. Skip reading the privacy policy as no one ever reads it anyway …

“profit”; earn points or receive extra discount if you join The Program. Just install our great app or allow us to track your car to save on your subscription. Share your order on social media and you might win a premium limited edition bag …

We see people and organisations asking how to be less dependent on all kinds of service providers. The digital nomad who requires a more secure and flexible way to run a business while on the move. The small business owner who thinks of moving somewhere else and what it takes. The non-profit working on a great cause and does not want to depend on a service which requires so much data to benefit from an affordable plan. We are working towards expanding our services beyond the online presence.

We are always searching for the best ways to offer services from multiple regions in the world. We do not use fake locations pretending a system exists in a specific country while it is not. Simply said entering false geo data for IP addresses fooling basic lookup tests. All our service systems exist as physical servers in the countries we offer. Each has a certain benefit for specific requirements. By staying lean and mean while working only with proven partners we can remain flexible to serve our clients. The answer to a more centralized world with surveillance is a decentralized world to avoid having only a few corporations and governments to dictate life.

We welcome ideas, suggestions or anyone who can contribute in a way. Always learning how to be better, do better and make a difference. If you have certain skills, enjoy writing educational texts or perhaps cooperate on an initiative then give a shout too. For those who wish us to publish their articles we offer to add your author details if you wish.