Premium DNS Services

  • Providing custom DNS solutions in multiple countries
  • For global coverage we can operate on multiple continents

One of our specialities is being able to provide custom services as we do not see our clients as a one size fits all. We are experienced with setting up reliable DNS solutions for those with standard requirements to the more exotic type of cases. Whether you are an individual or a business requiring the right resources we welcome you to reach out.

Features & Benefits

  • Everyone from any country can use these offshore services
  • For maximum privacy we use non-branded domains in case you do not wish to use your own domain for the nameservers
  • For mission-critical businesses and personal projects
  • DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS custom deployments
  • Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robot approach
  • We manage your complete DNS service for added security
  • Faster performance & redundancy setup to guarantee a higher uptime than standard hosting DNS solutions
  • We advise you with the setup of records for your specific requirements, for example DNSSEC, CAA, DKIM, SPF, DMARC and many more types
  • Optional: Advanced Anti-DDoS protection setup

Pricing & Terms

Premium DNS Services

  • Single Domain DNS in 2 countries : 150 Euro
  • Single Domain DNS in 3 countries : 220 Euro
  • Single Domain DNS on 2 continents : 180 Euro
  • Single Domain DNS on 3 continents : 250 Euro
  • Multi Domain DNS or Custom Requests : Contact Us