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"Red Pill or Blue Pill" - Matrix

About Us

Long before we started the TrilightZone initiative in 2005, we had 3 main ideals. These ideals have arisen from a combination of our backgrounds, gathering knowledge and a foresight into the future regarding a 24/7 connected world. First of all, everyone has the right to privacy and to be able to live in freedom. We believe that the digital revolution provides the tools to ensure that there is a balance to keep us from leaning too far to one side of the scale. There is no one size fits all society, we believe that thinking out of the box and experimenting with existing boundaries can actually bring about major changes. We are proud that this has become our job while doing what we believe in. Let man and machine find a way to a new future.

We do not need your personal data


Wherever you are living, working or perhaps thinking about a new beginning, we are here to provide you with a first step on your journey. Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with different people and organizations from all over the world. Because of this we have developed a wealth of experience, knowledge and feeling to think along with our clients. Our capabilities and international network are the basis for providing reliable services with a view to the long term. We are always open to suggestions, ideas and working together united in common goals.

We are 365 days a year ready to make first contact


All our offshore services are always aimed to protect your privacy and anonymity as much as possible. Our aim is not to sell something blindly, but to give good advice that suits the client. Every client is unique and so is our approach. A selection of our services; state of the art VPN services without logging your data; professional email services for your business or personal use; high performance dedicated servers; backup solutions; software development; secure remote workstations; anonymous domain registrations; secure web hosting; custom hardware development; offline services on request.

Most services are delivered within 24 hours


All our shared service systems are always realtime encrypted. Where possible we recommend clients to always use multiple layers of protection. It starts with awareness and taking practical steps as a client to add more strength in resisting potential attacks. No matter if you are using our offshore services or that of a thirdparty. One of them is deploying reliable encryption methods for data and communication. We strongly recommend to use PGP for communication like email. Our public key is available on our website. Other communication methods beside email depend on the type of services required.

Advise is free so why not reach out to us

Anonymous Payments

We offer a wide range of payment methods depending on the specific needs of our clients. In our experience the payment method depends on the level of privacy a client wishes to a complete anonymous requirement. We accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, monero, cash payments, moneyorder to the more traditional bankwire, creditcard and paypal.

Using cryptocurrencies or cash is not a crime

Personal Support

There are no endless levels of support or pushing you between departments to get an answer. We provide personal support and where possible always a familiar person who works with you to take care of requests and other wishes. We aim to provide 24/7 support and go the last mile for our clients. Where appropriate we can also communicate with thirdparty providers or organisations to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Your Offshore Privacy Provider Since 2005 !