System Administration

Worldwide 24/7 System Administrator

Personal Service

One of our wide range of IT offshore services is providing system administration services for our clients. Whether you have systems with us or IT infrastructure with a thirdparty we are here to be your remote hands.

Right from the start you benefit from the fact that we are already specialized in protecting and taking care of sensitive client environments. There are no compromises when it comes to your privacy and securing your systems. In many cases you might never see or meet us in person but that does not stop us from being there whenever required and adapt to the specific  needs of your business or organisation.

Each client is unique and so is our approach. Leave the technical work to us and simply tell us what you need. We are flexible and can provide specific service level agreements to meet your wishes. Also a dedicated contact is assigned to more demanding environments.

The Works

We can cover most type of Linux based environments, Unix, *BSD, Windows Server and more. Remote network management is also familiar territory using major networking equipment. IT environments which focus on large scale storage or high performance computing, high availability clusters can also be managed.

Running a small business ?

Always welcome to contact us as we got where we are now by taking care of all clients no matter the size. We provide surprising cost effective services for our clients.


  • Everyone from any country can use these offshore services
  • For all types of clients ranging from a single system to a datacenter !
  • We do not require your personal details to get the job done
  • Thinking in terms of solutions instead of problems
  • Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robot approach !
  • Flexible SLA - Cost effective depending on each unique client requirements

Pricing & Terms

Worldwide 24/7 System Administrator

  • Option 1: Based on requirements we offer a fixed price
  • Option 2: Standby base fee & only pay for the time spent
  • Option 3: Prepay block of time in hours per month or per week
  • Option 4: Hourly fee & scheduled according priority
  • Service Level Agreement: response time & protocol per client