Remote Workstations

Available Offshore Locations

  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Hong Kong
  • USA
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Custom Locations Available

The Traveler

We live now in the 21th century where technology is part of daily life. People are mobile than ever and cross borders all the time carrying their personal or business data with them. In the last few years there are more and more reported cases where some border authorities request travelers to provide access to their laptop or device. Refusal means they might be denied access or even risk being jailed for just saying “no”.

Single Point of Failure

Even if you are not traveling often it might fit your specific needs to have a 24/7 remote workstation standby without relying on a specific location to work from or in case your computer decides to stop working. In those cases it is easier to grab a replacement and save time on a new setup of your digital office by connecting to the remote workstation. Later you can always reserve time to setup the replacement as primary workstation.


Are you as a team working together on multiple projects ? Perhaps living in different countries or even continents ? Then a high performance remote workstation is the solution in case you do not want to use generic teamplatforms where your sensitive project or business might fall in the wrong hands. Ever read the terms & conditions of those platforms and wonder if it’s compatible with what you want ?

Tailor Made

Depending on your requirements we can advise the best location and  specifications. Connection quality is different in all parts of the world so we provide an optimal match to minimize interruptions and lower the latency to still operate efficiently.

Last but not least…Encryption

We strongly recommend to always use proper encryption of your sensitive data. It does not matter if it concerns your personal laptop or your remote workstation, it is a good habit to encrypt data. We can provide fully encrypted remote workstations with a procedure to unlock them before operation. Still it remains important to balance what data you encrypt and where you decrypt it when required.

So no matter if you are a busy businessman, a digital nomad or an individual keen on privacy, we are here to advise and provide.

Features & Benefits

  • Everyone from any country can use these offshore services
  • All systems are non-branded, not showing you are using a privacy service !
  • Run your business or personal projects from wherever you are using a dedicated remote workstation system
  • Avoid or spread the risk of taking certain software or data with you while traveling
  • Suitable for individuals & teams to work remotely on the workstation together
  • We can deploy multi-user Linux and Windows environments including the pre-installation of software to get you quickly started
  • Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robot approach
  • We can advise on the installation of your own specific software
  • We can advise on the best setup and specifications for your requirements
  • Choose if you wish us to manage your remote workstation like OS updates, finetuning, security checks or simply manage it by yourself
  • Optional Service: We can buy commercial software if you prefer not to do it yourself

Pricing & Terms

  • Please contact us with your requirements for a custom tailored service