Anti-DDoS & CDN Services

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  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North & South America
  • Africa

Anti-DDoS Service

Year after year there is an increase of a specific type of hostile attack called (Distributed)Denial of Service. In human language this boils down to flooding the system, platform or network infrastructure with a huge amount of garbage data / requests. This causes in turn your critical business website or service to be unreachable for your visitors and clients.

We can provide custom solutions to filter 24/7 and let legit traffic pass while removing the malicious part from reaching its destination. The scale, intensity, type and timeframe of such attacks decide what level of protection is required. This makes it not easy to provide a general service for all clients and ofcourse keep it cost-effective. Together with several worldwide partners we can provide services to prevent or significantly lower the chance of these attacks bringing your website or service down.

We can also manage existing Anti-DDoS services you might already have, monitor for changes, make adjustments and keep you updated while you focus on your business. For example if you are using Cloudflare services which are a combination of Anti-DDoS & CDN services can also be managed by us to fit your website / service. Depending on your plan we use the existing features to get the best results.

CDN – Content Delivery Network

In plain terms this is a distributed network of servers which can be located within a country, multiple countries or continents to provide services to your clients depending on their location. The main advantage is performance and high availability. The type of content can range from video, documents, software, applications, web objects like graphics, text, scripts, audio and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Everyone from any country can use these offshore services
  • Protect a website, single system to a large scale deployment
  • We consult you on the go to provide the best solution
  • Clear service level agreements for managed services

Pricing & Terms

Anti-DDoS Services

  • As each case is unique please contact us for more information

CDN - Content Delivery Network

  • Private CDN deployments available
  • Managed Cloudflare deployments available
  • Other managed CDN deployments available