Anonymous Domains

Multiple Offshore Registrars

Features & Benefits

  • Anonymous Domain registration
  • Almost all TLDs including country specific can be registered
  • Offshore Registrars for registration
  • Free Domain Theft Protection
  • Free Domain/URL forwarding where available
  • Free DNS hosting where available or choose our Premium DNS service
  • You receive a trustcode in case you lose all known communication methods with us
  • Optional Service: We can acquire domains in auction / for sale
  • Optional Service: SSL Single Certificates / SSL Wildcard certificates
  • Optional Service / Advise on DNSSEC, CAA, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, DANE & More
  • Optional Service: Advanced Legal Issues Handling

We are proud to provide anonymous domain services since years to our clients who do not want to be a chunk of data in some database of some corporation or government. The internet is the last frontier where one can at least have a business or personal presence without the needless requirements of personal information. Often the overkill of information requested serves no use for the service itself but simply the hunger for “More Data for Big Data”.

Pricing / Year

  • Average delivery time for most domains is within 24 hours
  • Standard price for most anonymous domains is 40 EUR for 1 year
  • Welcome to transfer existing domains to us
  • $