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Secure Software Development

In a long gone era everyone was still discovering the concept of running computer programs on mainframes and a bit later the personal computer. Priority on secure software development was not at the forefront as it is now. The 21th century surrounds us by software and hardware in every aspect of life. We are from a generation which has seen a large part of how we got to this point in time. Our experience and ability to adapt to new developments at the bleeding edge provide extra value for your software projects. We are not one of the many software development providers who only want to process projects like a cookie baking factory with a one size fits all approach.

What we offer you

Thinking with you instead of blindly executing a blueprint knowing there are potential flaws in it. We put the right person or dynamic team to provide quality, testing and maintenance in agreement with our clients. We dare to ask how long the software needs to remain compatible and in which environments. Will there be changes required on a regular term, is it a standalone application , a complex object, perhaps machine learning code involvement ? We excel in providing precise solutions for our unique clients without compromising on privacy or security.

The Buzzwords

Maybe you already know what comes next or even deeply familiar with the following terms. We always try to communicate and write in human language instead of throwing all kinds of technical buzzwords on our clients. Just for the record, we are familiar with the concepts of “Agile” and “Scrum” approaches to software development. Agile refers in our case to a dynamic approach bringing the right minds together for a specific project sharing experience, self-organizing, adapting whenever required. Each part of the project journey is inspected before continueing to rapid delivery where appropriate. The “Scrum” part is a subset of “Agile” where a practical approach is defined for a project.  Concept and practices split in at least the following categories; Roles, Artifacts and Time Boxes.

Got an idea ?

We are very flexible and easy to work with for everyone with and without a technical background. Feel free to send us an email and who knows what comes out.


  • Everyone from any country can use these offshore services
  • As with all our services your privacy is at all times protected
  • Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robot approach
  • We are flexible and have a clear approach to your wishes
  • We operate worldwide and offer also dedicated IT personnel
  • We do not require your personal or private details

Pricing & Terms

Software Development

  • Option 1: Based on the project scope we provide a fixed price
  • Option 2: We work per milestone on your project
  • Option 3: We provide a competitive hourly rate