Our Simple Policy

We do not sell or trade in personal information. Our site does not use tracking cookies or anything to compromise your privacy. Protecting our clients is what makes us differ from many other internet (privacy) service providers. This starts right from the beginning when you visit our website which has no thirdparty scripts or data harvesting services integrated, not even for analytical use ! Our services exist to increase the privacy and security of people. We support freedom of speech and a world where people are able to express their views, run their business or personal projects even if we ourselves do not agree with some.

We are very flexible and can go a long way in standing up for our clients but we cannot tolerate abuse like spamming, racism, childporn, terrorism, phishing and related. In such cases we will launch an investigation to find the responsible account and take further measures to the full extend possible by international law.

That said, as of this writing we are now more than 15 years helping people and organisations from all over the world with our services. We praise the good work of many people we were lucky to meet and exchange thoughts with. There are more ups than downs in keeping TrilightZone running and we are looking forward to the next decades.

It’s in the world of today already hard enough for most people to do something simple without prying eyes or their own internet providers logging every move under recent laws. Not to mention the physical world which is a whole new dimension concerning privacy.

As your privacy provider we do not copy, backup or track content which is generated by our clients. Therefor it is important that you as the client backup the data you feel is critical for you. Our systems have an excellent uptime and are equiped against hardware failure. In case of corruption or other complete failures we are not able to recover your data in those circumstances. We can provide special secure backup services if this was agreed ofcourse. We assign domain clients a trustcode in case all known communication methods are lost to proof ownership. For other specific services we also assign a trustcode in case of emergency and other clients can optionally request one too. On request of the client we will also remove all support and related communication from our systems.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason in our sole discretion. For new clients we might offer a list of specific payment methods to choose from. Our Tor friendly policy allows running "entry" and "middle" nodes on dedicated servers. For "exit" nodes we must give permission as this is only possible in some locations and specific dedicated systems. Tor "entry" and "middle" nodes on a VPS is possible but advise is to consider bandwidth requirements. Running any type of Tor node requires to consider bandwidth usage.

Please enjoy your stay with us and let us do the worrying.

The following transparency reports are cryptographically signed by our main key:

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