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Secure eMail Only Service

Available Secure eMail jurisdictions:

Hong Kong

Everyone from any country can use these offshore email services.
All systems are non-branded, not showing you are using a privacy service !
Optional service to use your own domain else you get a neutral server domain.
Systems are realtime encrypted, unauthorized shutdown means no access.
Your real IP is never included with your email messages !
All your communication is SSL/TLS encrypted.
TLS(SSL) POP3/SMTP/IMAP protocols available.
Realtime spam & virus filtering.
TLS(SSL) Webmail to further enhance your privacy and mobility.
Included Webmail feature: encrypted file storage with 250MB upgradable space.
Included Webmail feature: fetching email from thirdparty accounts using POP3.
Included Webmail feature: Full (Open)PGP Support with up to 4096 bits keys.
Included Webmail features: Virtual Keyboard, Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks.
250MB upgradable eMail Storage - 500MB total capacity to start with.
No java or javascript required for basic webmail operations !
Email from accountholders to other accountholders is automatically encrypted.
Included service to forward email.
Included service to add aliases.
For maximum online pgp security you can choose to only import public keys.
All our services are suitable for individuals and businesses.
For multi year orders or volume orders custom pricing is available.
Suitable to combine our anonymous email service with our other services.
Specific wishes ? Contact us !
Limited Offer: Lifetime Deal / Price on Request
Standard Price is 45 Euro per 12 months.


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