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OpenVPN Privacy Solution

Available Offshore VPN Privacy jurisdictions

Czech Republic
Hong Kong

Our premium VPN solution is based on the next generation of VPN technology which helps you restoring your privacy and anonymity with a few steps. Your real IP and information remains at all times protected while using our services. The VPN software used, known as OpenVPN, is opensource, unmodified by us, has no backdoors and can be reviewed by everyone. We do not use the weak PPTP protocol or protocols which cannot handle hostile environments.

Your Computer

With our VPN solution you can turn most computers quickly into a secure and private medium to communicate. None of your applications will require separate configuration since all traffic is automatically sent through our encrypted offshore servers before going to the final destination. You will receive from us easy to follow step by step instructions to setup OpenVPN on your computer. We can also provide you with instructions for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Compatible Routers

Our TrilightZone OpenVPN service is also tested and works on a diverse range of hardware vpn routers. By installing our vpn service on such router you can have all your network enabled devices use the same secure vpn connection without configuring them separately. Feel free to contact us as we can recommend specific OpenVPN compatible routers for your needs.

Your advantages:

Everyone from any country can use these offshore services.
All systems are non-branded, not showing you are using a privacy service !
Excellent for business, home and travellers who need a secure private line to communicate.
Your real IP is replaced by the VPN server IP to remain anonymous while being online.
We use only the offical opensource OpenVPN client, no thirdparty closed source OpenVPN clients !
Suitable for virtually any use - business, personal, finance, email, social networking ...
Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robotic approach !
Fast & Stable connections - all packages have unmetered bandwidth !
Easy setup and firewall / internal network friendly - operates in hostile environments.
Our OpenVPN accounts are protected by password authentication and unique certificates.
Your connection to our servers protects against SSL Inspection, MITM and other attack methods.
Ensuring privacy with no logs of your traffic flowing through our systems.
Supports Skype and many other VOIP calling solutions.
Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, OS-X (MAC), IOS and Android.
OpenVPN is also known to work on Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
OpenVPN has support to tunnel through proxies including Tor.
If used on a compatible router multiple devices can use the same connection.
For custom wishes like your own unique and private IP contact us too.
Need your own private VPN server or dedicated speeds ? Contact us for our custom deployment services !
If you wish to combine our services then we design a personal package and a personal price for you !

Prices for OpenVPN Privacy Solution

Unmetered bandwidth / payment per 3 months : 30 Euro
Unmetered bandwidth / payment per 6 months : 50 Euro
Unmetered bandwidth / payment per 12 months : 80 Euro

Prices for OpenVPN Privacy Solution in 2+ Countries

Unmetered bandwidth / 2 countries : 150 Euro per 12 months
Unmetered bandwidth / 3 countries : 210 Euro per 12 months
Unmetered bandwidth / 4 countries : 260 Euro per 12 months
Unmetered bandwidth / 5 countries : 300 Euro per 12 months
Unmetered bandwidth / 6 countries : 320 Euro per 12 months
Limited Offer: Lifetime Deal / Price on Request
You may also request multiple accounts in a specific country


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