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Article: Privacy Centric Smartphone Operating Systems

Started by trilight, Apr 16, 2021, 07:37 PM

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Privacy Centric Smartphone Operating Systems

Over the last couple of years, big tech's incursions into private consumer data have reached an all-time high. In light of excessive data mining, more and more people are becoming privacy conscious, and therefore looking for usable alternatives to today's popular software.

Privacy in Mobile Operating Systems

Such is the case with smartphone operating systems, which albeit seemingly private, often lack the necessary features that would otherwise lead to a higher degree of data protection. From usage statistics, to tracking and eavesdropping operations, today's smartphone operating systems fail to uphold proper privacy standards. The main challenge at hand is that the market lacks sufficient options, granted that together, Google's Android and Apple's iOS possess 99% of the mobile OS market share. While Apple has opted to market its iOS as privacy-centric, no cybersecurity expert would actually define it as a suitable OS with real integraded privacy control since it lacks the proper approach. Restricting users to control how data is processed, shared and used without crippling its features or usage are there for mostly commercial reasons read more...