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SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell

Available Offshore SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell jurisdictions:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong

Everyone from any country can use these offshore services.
All systems are non-branded, not showing you are using a privacy service !
All major operating systems supported like Unix, Linux, OS-X, Windows and more.
All shell systems are realtime encrypted, unauthorized shutdown gives no access.
Suitable to chain / cascade multiple shell systems including thirdparty systems.
Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robotic approach !
Standard tools included like GPG, Nmap, Screen, BitchX, IRSSI and more.
All connections to the internal proxies are established using SSH v2 tunnels.
Extremely useful to use the proxy services for specific applications only.
Compile & Run your own code / tools like BNC, Eggdrop ... full programming environment included.
All proxies are "High Anonymity" or "Elite Proxies" - means you do not appear as using a proxy.
All available proxies allow ALL ports to be reached - including any exotic SSL ports.

Anonymous surfing through Socks 4/5 Proxy.
Anonymous surfing through Privoxy / Squid Proxy linked.
Anonymous surfing through Privoxy / Tor linked.
Anonymous surfing through Squid Proxy alone.
Anonymous surfing using the Tor port directly.
Setting your browser to use our systems DNS provides extra privacy.
Shell account includes basic email with access using POP3/SMTP over SSH.
Your real IP is not visible when using the proxy services of your shell service.
No logging of your surfing and what you do on the internet.
Use up to 6 background processes at the same time.
No hard bandwidth limitations, only fair use policy.
Store up to 500MB in your shell account. Need more ? Tell us !
Hardened from the outside & inside to protect our clients.
We provide you with free security advise whenever needed, every case is unique, so is our approach !
Check our forum sections for information, updates and deals !
If you wish to combine our services then we design a personal package and a personal price for you !
We developed a basic ssh tunnel howto document with screenshots showing how to configure ssh tunnels.

Prices for SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell

payment per 3 months  : 25 Euro
payment per 6 months  : 40 Euro
payment per 12 months : 65 Euro

Prices for SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell in 2+ Countries

2 countries : 100 Euro per 12 months
3 countries : 140 Euro per 12 months
4 countries : 170 Euro per 12 months
5 countries:  190 Euro per 12 months
6 countries:  200 Euro per 12 months
7 countries:  205 Euro per 12 months
note: you may also request multiple accounts in a specific country

Multi Year SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell

Multi Year deals on any trishell year package
  Signup for 2 years and receive 15 % discount
  Signup for 3 years and receive 25 % discount

Lifetime deal: Custom price available on request !

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