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In todays' online society we are faced with the same threats as we are offline with people, organisations and others trying to steal our identities, profile us and tap into our personal lives. In the physical world, we take steps towards maintaining our privacy by implementing such things as locks, walls, guards, watermarks and various other options available to maintain authenticity. On the internet this gets a lot more complex when protecting your online business and personal life. If you already know what you want feel free to visit our services section otherwise keep reading ! Please note that the following text is simplified and general enough to explain some basics to as many people as possible.

Many people are led to believe that purchasing a PC and connecting to the internet is the best and most comfortable way to handle bills, communications, shopping, setup business and much more. Well, it can be, but what are the risks ? By now in the physical world most people know enough to avoid the usual traps. Often, while online, we do not have the capabilities to actually see, verify the person or computer we are communicating with. How can one avoid being tracked or what is real and what is not ? I'd like to point out some key points in the potential risks from being connected to the internet and the attacks malicious entities mastermind every day. I will also highlight a few proven steps you can follow to increase protection against malicious attacks and keep your business, family and friends safe.

Basic Internet Attacks:

Malicious entities;

Usually these are people / organisations who are technically able to program or use readily available programs to initiate their attack on you. They range from the so called scriptkiddies to more advanced groups / organisations.

The reason for their attacks are usually but NOT nearly limited to:

1. Advertising - Usually done by installing what is called an adware program. It's such software that is put on your harddrive and is potentially dangerous as well as causing annoying pop-up ads (mini webpages) to appear on your desktop every five minutes or so.

2. Self interest - They've found out how to make this nasty program, now they want to see how many computers they can own with it.

3. Economical / Political - If they are successful they can steal your identity and thus any account information they choose or make profit through the traffic drawn or information gathered. The possibilities of abuse are virtually limitless, think of using your computer to send out spam or attack other computers on the internet. Political reasons are nowadays at the core of cyber-attacks between countries, groups, individuals. All of this is done, nonetheless, without your consent.

Malware or Scumware;

Stands for malicious software that is created to obtain, manipulate or corrupt your computer data and interfere with processing which also makes your computer "lag" or perform poorly. It is usually the result of a download or contracted through non-secured ports/services.

1.They develop these programs to spread rapidly and can be transmitted to the computers of co-workers, family, friends and so on.

2.These "virii" are virtually impossible to detect without the right software and are damaging to your data. When you scan or use other means of finding the virus you will see that they go by many subnames. Two popular types you may be familiar with are worms and trojans.

3. If gone undetected or not taken care of in a timely manner your computer could be looking at being used as a base to attack other computers like executing denial of service attacks

Portscanners and Packetsniffers;

Can be used to attack / scan your computer as soon as you get online through your ISP. This attack occurs without even visiting a website or downloading anything. Their main purpose is to see what services you're running and analyse traffic to and from your computer. Any information gained during these activities can be used for an attack. To increase your protection is making sure that your traffic is encrypted, not running unsecure services, service ports shielded, regular updates, proper security software and more.



When you access your internet service provider you are connecting to their servers via a network connection. To keep track of your internet account they have given you an Internet Protocol (IP) address. So your IP address identifies you on their networks but what else does this mean ?

It also means that the other connections you make, for example, to services or websites (which usually run on remote servers) must also identify you somehow. They pick up your internet address virtually the same way your ISP did. If a malicious person is the owner of a server they can directly upload harmful code into unprotected computers through security weaknesses or just human error. Your IP address tells them where you stand on the World Wide Web and can lead them to accessing your computer and install malicious software that gives them access to your data. Therefore, any accounts, addresses, identity details, pin numbers, passwords, phone numbers and more are at risk if not protected. Remember, security awareness starts with you before anything else !

SSH & VPN Tunneling;

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) or SSH (Secure Shell) connection you would make to our secure servers is designed to put up a "wall" between you and anyone else on the internet. Your real IP is not visible, data between you and our systems is encrypted and you just made a first step to increase your privacy.

By encrypting your data, hiding your IP address and all the data sent to our secure servers you connect with during your journey online, you remain private and increase your security. Your ISP is like a public road, they will not escort you through all the potential dangers on the internet despite that most provide some kind of support. We at TrilightZone offer special services to make sure you can experience the internet at its best but without being a sitting duck.

TLS(SSL) Webmail;

You can't always rely on your ISP to secure your email with all the attacks occuring these days, which brings me to my next point. Emails are becoming the most used line of communication as there are no long distance charges nor serious delays.

Are you tired of spam ?

Some website owners are using programs and various scripting methods to trace your online activites thus building a profile about you. They collect personal data about you, your business, your family etc; they add you to a mailinglist and when they have enough data they will use or sell it to various companies. Most ISP's don't bother with adding more security to your email accounts. Many don't use TLS(SSL) to secure sending and receiving your email. By not doing that they allow others on the same or inbetween network to sniff your traffic which consists of sensitive data like passwords. Also they don't hide your real IP when sending out your email. Other email providers include the master email account in the headers despite sending an email from an alias.

Using our Secure Mail service at TrilightZone you can rest assured that all your email communication is TLS(SSL) secured, your IP is not shown to the recipient, your mail is stored on realtime encrypted drives and in case of ease or travel we have also TLS(SSL) secured webmail for you.

We also use special programs which will scan all email for a possible virus, trojan, worm and other malicious code. Another security layer will also scan for specific spam sources and stop them from reaching you.

Be wary in the emails you open and NEVER open any attachments unless you are positive who the sender is and why there is an attachment involved at all !

Our other Offshore Services:

Feel free to contact us about our other services. Let us know if you are in need of something or advise. Perhaps you want to host your website offshore but want to make sure you can do this without revealing your identity to everyone or avoid issues from hosting it in your country.

Instead of using the newsgroups access of your ISP you might want to use ours combined with our tunneling products. Making sure that your ISP and other entities don't intrude your personal life or business and sell you as marketing data to the highest bidders all over the world !

On a final note...


is the use of no name or identifying data like when you are posting in forums, downloading or simply communicating. Think also of people wanting to use their Freedom of Speech but are afraid to reveal their identity to everyone. Protect yourself and everyone involved, make sure no one can abuse your data, damage your credit history, commit crimes using your identity ...

Or just to use your Right on Privacy !

We wrote a comprehensive article with facts and fiction after we've analysed many other privacy providers. If you can spare a bit of time then we believe you'll be happy to read this article to understand the difference between us and many others. Especially when it comes to securing your needs on the internet.

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