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We do not sell or give personal information. Our site does not use cookies or anything equal. Protecting our users is what makes us differ from many other internet (privacy) service providers. Our services exist to increase the privacy and security of people. We are very flexible and can go a long way in standing up for our clients but we cannot tolerate abuse like spamming, childporn, scamming, phishing and related. In such cases we will launch an investigation to find the responsible account and take further measures to the full extend possible by law.

It's in the world of today already hard enough for many people to do something simple without prying eyes or their own internet providers logging every move under recent laws. We welcome people who stand for freedom and understand that they have the right to be private for personal and business reasons.

As your privacy provider we do not copy, backup or track content which is generated by our clients. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason in our sole discretion. If we determine together with a new client that our solution for some reason refuses to work within 3 days then we always offer a full refund to the client or alternatives depending on the wishes of our client.

We exist only in cyberspace; it is our believe that this way we can offer the best privacy services outthere. Although we are not tied to any specific jurisdiction we will not tolerate abusive behaviour and will protect our clients from suffering because of it !

Please enjoy your stay with us and let us do the worrying.

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