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Trilight Zone FAQ update !

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2005 12:55 am    Post subject: Trilight Zone FAQ update ! Reply with quote

General Services FAQ.

[ General ]

Note: Based on many of the questions we receive the
following Q & A section has been made.

Q: Can I browse the web anonymously with your services ?
A: Yes, this is one of the core services we offer.

Q: Can I use ssh2 tunnels for other services too ?
A: Yes, they can be used for anything, ranging from IRC,
MSN, FTP, P2P and so on. If you need assistance in setting
up a tunnel then please contact us and we'll be there for

Q: Do you log like many service providers ?
A: No, we don't log your surfing behaviour and for example
which connections you make from our servers to an address.
This means we do not keep a log of which sites you visit,
what you do online or the contents of any transmission.
We believe in the ideal that people have the right to
enjoy privacy and more anonymity as they wish.

Q: I am a wireless user, does this service also protect me ?
A: Yes, because all your traffic is encrypted and passing
through the tunnel. This means no matter what is captured by
a malicious entity it cannot be read because of encryption.

Q: Can I also securely send/receive email anonymously ?
A: Yes, you can use our email system to send/receive
email through a ssh encrypted tunnel. Or use our
SSL enabled webmail through your browser.

Q: What are email aliases ?
A: These are email addresses which you can use to protect
your real email address from spam and other malicious aims.


Your real email address is, you can create
an alias like When people
sent email to these aliases they are automatically forwarded
to your real email account. This account can be any account
you wish, it doesn't need to be your trishell email account
but can be any external account you wish.

Q: What exactly do you mean with anonymous ?
A: This is for every one different but it means usually that
your real IP cannot be seen by any site or service you
visit/use. When sending email then the only IP which is
shown at the recipient is Or when you download
something then the only IP visible is the IP of one of our

Q: What reasons could I have to use your services ?
A: Many reasons exist, think of avoiding direct contact
with malicious sites/services/scans trying to infect
or break into your computer. You can use aliases which
can be thrown away when not needed anymore and keep
your main email-address free from spam and other malicious
contents. Your provider or some entity is logging your
traffic and find this against the freedom of speech ideal.

Q: What is Privoxy ?
A: Privoxy is a proxy which can act as a bridge between
another proxy/destination and you, filtering contents for
malicious code, popups,advertisements which you can
encounter on a the website you're visiting.

Q: What is Squid Proxy ?
A: An extended proxy which you can use just like privoxy
over your ssh tunnel to access websites and other services.
This is especially handy if you already have protecting
software on your computer and don't want to use privoxy.

Q: Can I create a tunnel to a specific port on some machine ?
A: Yes, all your traffic will go encrypted over the tunnel to
the destination port of some machine you specified.

Q: What tools can I use to create the tunnels ?
A: All linux/unix distributions have a ssh client you can use
to create encrypted tunnels. For windows you can use Putty
and others which are free or commercial.

Q: Do you provide also extra services like consultancy ?
A: Yes, you can hire us for a below average price to
troubleshoot or solve technical issue's you might be dealing
with and need professionals on your side.
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