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Wishes 2020-2021

Started by trilight, Dec 25, 2020, 04:48 PM

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Since our "Wishes 2019-2020" post alot of things happened worldwide, some totally unforseen and others were predictable. That said, we continue providing all our services and helping our clients no matter what. Also we deployed brand new services and expanded features for the existing. One thing happened more than in previous years, we got even closer to our clients, relating to the circumstances as at the end we are all in the same boat. Thank you, we are honored to serve you and looking to many more years to do exactly that.

A little later than wanted, we are proceeding to provide the community with various content on our forum. If you wish us to write about a specific subject, news or contribute your own content please reach out. We are also looking into rewarding contributors who reach out with high quality content to help others. Especially on difficult topics which require alot of research but explaining it as clear as possible to reach a wide audience.

Feel free to reach out to us for services we can provide, even if not listed, brainstorm or make suggestions, always welcome. Perhaps you can cooperate with us, if you have certain capabilities, skills or even offline services it can't harm to check. We wish everyone courage, health, focus and use the changing times to make that deciding ripple in the water.

Kind regards,