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Wishes 2022 - 2023

Started by trilight, Dec 24, 2022, 01:30 PM

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Time does fly as we reflect on a chaotic 2022 affecting everything and everyone. We've been chugging and digging along for the year while battling the unexpected whenever needed. We are thankful for every year we can do what we do best and serve our clients. Quite a few of our loyal clients know us from when we started back in 2005 on this journey. We see how initiatives continue to grow in this ever changing world. No matter the headwinds people and organisations face, look at the developments towards a new world where technology in the right hands can do alot of good. The "builders" of tomorrow are not taking a break; crypto, blockchain technologies, decentralization are improving equality, privacy and freedom for many in the world. And yes, there are also bad players like in all cycles of breakthrough innovations and wild west stories. This will not stop change, it will not stop the evolution to a better world no matter how many pretexts are used to bend or stop a movement which is designed to replace ancient centralized systems of power. Just talking to people from many different places, professions show they are tired, fed up with the lies of the same old few. It is more important than ever to gather facts, information from different sources beside guarding against manipulation, disinformation and even against "used to be reliable" media outlets.

We will keep working on ideas, plans and new services which will benefit our clients in 2023. As always we welcome everyone to brainstorm with us and perhaps work with us to the next level.

Kind regards,