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Article: Introduction to VPN blocks and circumvention methods

Started by trilight, May 29, 2022, 12:36 PM

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A cat-and-mouse game – Introduction to VPN blocks and circumvention methods

Among the many uses of VPNs, accessing restricted websites is one of the most evident. By encrypting and relaying their communication through a trusted middle-man, netizens can access restricted content while preventing their ISP from eavesdropping. Reasons for censoring in the first place range from overzealous free WiFi operators to pervasive surveillance by a state-actor. Understandably, many governments are unhappy losing control over their citizens in cyberspace, particularly Middle-Eastern and Asian countries. China and its Great Firewall has been on the edge of censorship technologies, with the goal of controlling the flow of information to ensure the unity of society, but the West is not so far behind. The proliferation of internet monitoring technologies through commercialisation and loosely regulated neocapitalism puts everyone at risk. read more...