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Tor Friendly Policy

Started by trilight, Apr 22, 2022, 02:21 PM

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We've been over the years Tor friendly and support the EFF in their mission for a world where there is place for people to enjoy privacy and their right on freedom. From time to time we get questions from clients or interested entities on how to use Tor, support it or use it for their personal / businesses requirements. Below we list important information which can be used for each need. We will also update our simple policy page with this information:


- Running so called "Entry (Guard)" and "Middle" nodes is allowed on all DEDICATED servers
- We strongly recommend to consider bandwidth requirements when running an "Entry" or "Middle" node
- For VPS systems you must let us know so we can advise on the proper setup and available capacity
- To avoid surprises we recommend to let us know to advise the best setup for each case

EXIT nodes:

Running "Exit" nodes is a bit more tricky as that is sadly enough abused too much and is without our
permission not allowed. Only in specific locations and on specific dedicated systems when available we can
offer this custom service. So for "Exit" nodes please contact us first to avoid termination or other serious issues.

Please do reach out if you have questions or need custom tailored advise for your personal or business needs.