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Looking for a job ? Work for TrilightZone as Writer !

Started by trilight, Apr 20, 2022, 05:04 PM

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Looking for a job ? Work for TrilightZone as a Writer !

In all these years we've dedicated alot of time and sweat into all services we offer. It seems with time these last couple of years our workload is increasing and we notice some educational / informative tasks are not getting much attention. We used to post on our old forum short and long articles related to real world developments in privacy, security and technology in general. So to keep a long story short, we are looking for a good english writer, a quick learner with some technological background and most of all interested in our mission to bring as much as possible privacy and anonymity to the world. The more passionate you are about the radical technological developments going on in the world like Web 3.0, Crypto, Blockchain and what it might mean for many people the better !

It helps if you can provide some example related content you wrote or be prepared to get a test to write a short / medium article on a specific subject. For further details feel free to reach out.