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Dark Times For Many People

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:43 am    Post subject: Dark Times For Many People Reply with quote

Dear All,

Times are changing is what we and you might hear in the streets. Everywhere in the world if you ask the common man about what is going on in the world and if we are heading to a sustainable world the answer is usually negative. For years the warning signs have been increasing that something is deeply rotten in society. Life seems to revolve mainly around money, politics, corporate lobbies, banksters and wars. There is no start or end to describe the destruction caused by these all over the world and the common people paying the ultimate price, as usual. The gap between common people and those in charge or the so called 1 % is so huge that it doesn't matter anymore what the people want. You can vote left, middle, right or not at all, nothing changes. The world is still on a destructive path and only busy fighting symptoms instead of going back to the root causes of why they exist in the first place and find real solutions. These dark times are fueling radical groups, lobbies, entities to push their evil agenda's faster than ever. Throughout history tragedies were often used as an excuse to limit, restrict and control people. One can only wonder what would it really take for society to understand that only dealing with symptoms is not going to make the world a better place and sustainable for everyone. And when you read "everyone" it means everyone, not just a few regions or those who feel they deserve better.

It is sad to see that in these dark times alot of people are being divided, turning into puppets, blaming their neighbour, religion, race and so on. Instead people should think for themselves, ignore demagogues, unite, work with each other, demand real change and accountability. Use the resources of the internet, communities and talk to people to learn more about what you do not understand. Do not let pure mainstream media "teach" you what the truth is and what is not. Evil will always exist but at least not at the scale we are seeing all over the world. Maybe then we might finally see this planet turn into a place where all people can live in peace.

Lastly, a song some of you might know or wish to listen:

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction
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